The dark truth of Digital Marketing Scams in India
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The dark truth of Digital Marketing Scams in India

In India this scam is on top. Many people are fooling innocent business owners by saying that they are Google Certified experts and they will put your company on top. It is just a tip of iceberg. It gets worse when you get deep insights of how people will fool you by using Google’s name which is one the most reputed company in the world.

It starts with gaining knowledge about customer’s understanding of Digital Marketing, most of customers don’t know how it works, how it is done and how to track their money invested in digital marketing.

These thieves will take money from your pocket and you will be not able to do anything. I have been a victim of this, we wanted to promote our construction project one guy came from an IT company which claimed that they are partners with Google, his website and his visiting card had a Google logo on it so I trusted him only because of Google’s logo because I can trust Google. He told me that your website will be on top, also when someone will search for home or flat in Pune your website will be displayed and you will be able to sell more homes and flats. I trusted his words but I told him that I will contact you, after this he came to our office again and explained that his company has many builders as his clients and he has given them so much business that they had paid him more money as bonus because he gave them a lot of business, I trusted his lies and I gave him 1 lac rupees cheque and he left. He promised me that he will give me all the details how many people clicked my ad, how many visited my website and many more things. But after the payment he vanished in thin air, whenever I called him he told me that sir we are working on your project months passed I did not get a single sale with the help of digital marketing. I called him and told him I want my money back he told me sir many people visited your website and they tried to call you but your number was not reachable I told him this can never happen my number is always reachable but he told me your number was not reachable, I was helpless and my 1 lac rupees were gone. Then I asked him send me the details of my Google Ads then he lied to me and told me that it is confidential and Google does not allow us to give that data to anyone which was a straight lie. I lost my money I hope you will not lose your money via this scam.

Then I decided to do my own research about Google ads and I found that it is a very easy to use tool and marketing prices starts from as low as Rs. 500 only. I did it by myself and decided to help others, and started this service of digital marketing on my website, we have helped many people to grow their business and we never misguide them and always tell them about how to use Google ads and all we do is design their ads in front of them and setup their Google ads account at rupees 1500 only. After this we add Rs. 500 to their account and make them independent customer tracks his/her own ads and add payment to his Google Ads account. We hope you are not with someone who is making fake promises such as they will put your website on the top of Google search.

Let me tell you one important thing which is “Google's algorithm works automatically and there is no human being that can interfere Google's algorithm for site ranking”. Be safe this market is full of liers and I am proud I am not one of them. If someone is taking name of other business by saying they have given them huge business please ask that person contact details of the businesses he is naming so you can verify the truth and after verifying all the claims made by him then pay the money. My recommendation is you should start with small amount which is Rs. 500 only don’t spend huge amount at start make sure it is working for you then only pay the money.

We spend 10% amount of our earnings on buying food for stray animals. Because we also believe by feeding hungry animals we feed our own souls.